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Los Angeles Noir #1

Downtown Los Angeles was once deserted after sunset, except for the homeless. But now, life bustles for a few more hours into the night. And its infamous Noir heritage remains healthy, visceral and enigmatic.

This is my first real attempt to shoot at night. I took these during Steve Huff’s LA workshop (A review is coming soon!).

The Long Goodnight



A MUNICH Welcome

Welcome to my inaugural launch of Leica Liker!

I decided to start it with a small collection of photos from when O and I spent  Christmas and New Year’s holiday in Munich, Germany. We always love to visit friends and family. It’s like getting a dose of energy to start the new year.

I was very lucky to have met a couple of Munich Street Photographers: Mario Cuic (first featured street photographer here on Leica Liker under Inspiration) and Robert Scholz. They helped me learn to “see” the streets and “breathe” the air of Munich.

This is the first time I really shot the streets of Munich through ‘street photography’ eyes. What I found was a small bustling city that had an ‘inner’ life that is expressed in a ‘silence’ that  I found extremely resounding. Through street photography, I have fallen in love with Munich again. And with my Leica.

Cross Section



A Room with a View

The Wait

A Thought

No Comment

Coffee Time


Under the Sun


Good Hair Day

Der Musik

Let’s Get Together


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