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#14 Frank Jackson’s Gear

We are pleased to have Frank Jackson, Los Angeles Street Photographer as our #14 featured street photographer.

You can check out the interview under “Inspiration” here in this blog. This is his bag of goodies!

This is the everyday bag I walk out the front door with…
…at times just one camera and a lens…

Think Tank Shoulder Bag
Nikon D800 digital full frame (as seen in self portrait above)
50mm f1.8G
60mm f2.8G
24-120mm f4G VR
Leica M6
50mm f1.4
2•35mm rolls of film
Fuji GS 670 medium format folding camera
2•120 rolls of film
Gossen digiflash meter
2-3 different fountain pens
2-3 Copic very fineline markers
1 writing pad
+2 eyeglasses
4×6 prints
5×7 prints
small LED dimmable light
Olympus Digital Recorder

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